visual riffs on hexagons and geometry

dyslexia in hexagons


Library of Babel ID – in COLOUR?

A friend suggested I include colour in the main logo. While I think these are a little over the top, I’m posting them anyway because of frustration that the file I had them in just crashed and lost the work *sigh*.

SNORE. Boring.

More interesting shapes.

Too ordered, I think. Going with the spectrum/prism idea.
Looks a bit like that cellophane stained glass craft you used to make as a child. 

This is more intense and quite like Kaffe Fasset’s spectacular colours. The open road. What will you find?




continuing identity experiments

I think we’re approaching something potentially awesome here: 

Or in Garamond:

Blocked out text (still in Elephant typeface and Garamond) with hexagons incorporated. I think the opacity is doing some really interesting things visually, and also alludes to the elusive nature of the meaning of the story.