Potential ‘map’ interactives

Thinking of ways to incorporate a previous idea I had of mapping out the content in ways which bypass the traditional linear access of the narrative. I proposed it in the brief possibly like this:

Trying to produce it in a style more consistent with the other illustrative items and the vibe of the text, a couple of thoughts using hexagonal wireframes. Not quite sure how to evoke a ‘truss’ or the intricacy of 3d shapes, but here’s what I have so far.

This would be a map for the concept of ‘infinite’.

This would be a concept map for ‘the universe’ or ‘the library’.

They need interaction/animation programmed in or developed, but my thought is on touch, the words show the relevant quote or external source, or light up the most closely related subjects or links.

I think this one is better for showing interconnectedness to the rest of the text or ideas.

The thinking behind it is to help the reader establish connections and experience the story in a deeper, more connected way.

At the moment, I don’t think its working very well in feeling connected to other sources of information like definitions or other works by the same author. The typography is ok, using Garamond and Brandon Grotesque (quite cute, like it a lot more than Franklin for this, which I was using before and looks a bit… 80’s).

There’s also not really a sense of layering coming out, which I think needs more work. And I’m keen to try and animate one before next Wednesday so I can see if this is working, or if it needs a slightly different visual direction.