labyrinths: suggestions from others

My tutor sent me these links:

“Borges essays, while short, can be baroque affairs. They are the mark of a “delirious archivist,” as Umberto Eco called him, of a man who lives amidst legions of chattering books. He constructs his essays like a vast puzzle, piling quip upon quote, leading you ever deeper into a thicket of metaphors. Occasionally, they are almost formless, as if their writer has been so carried away by the force of his reading that he has forgotten the point he set out to make. Yet, a careful reading will always reveal the fragile thread between each idea, the links that made Borges not only a consummate reader and thinker but a peerless writer.” NANDINI RAMACHANDRAN

A friend reminded me of the labyrinths in Alice in Wonderland

And also the maze in the fourth Harry Potter book, The Goblet of Fire:

I also watched Bowie’s 1986 ‘The Labyrinth’ on Friday – which probably deserves more than a passing reference, but I’m a bit busy, as its assessment submission day for task 2 of 3.

With less than subtle references to Escher in creating an incomprehensible reality.. While I was on vimeo I also found this, a typographic treatment of a quote from the Borges story, The Aleph.