project definition – refined

Part of presenting our work after assessment is exhibiting at the grad show (details to come!) for which we need a short blurb or bit of information about our work.

This is what I’m working on so far – your thoughts are appreciated!

The Infinite Unimaginable

The Library of Babel is a short story by Argentinian author, Jorge Luis Borges, which explores ideas of language and the infinite, through the metaphor of the universe as library. My work proposes this story as an interactive book for the iPad.

 This project utilises the interactive potential of the medium to illuminate the themes of the story, which is rich in symbolism and unknown to many readers. The iPad app ‘Borges’ Labyrinths’ links ideas and imagery in the story in a way that is presently uncharted in interactive books. It allows you to enter the labyrinth that Borges has created, a rich reading experience for lovers of literature.

 A combination of type, photographic and motion elements draw the reader into the story in an immersive exploration that goes deeper than the printed book is capable of.