i messed up:

i agreed/offered to work the 6 days between one wednesday class and the next. this is a small failure of priorities and I need to remember it and remedy it.

Things i have Done since Wednesday:

  • i bought 2 artline pens. they cost a motza, and they helped me draw better today. i think.
  • i bought some post-it notes. a pack of 100. now I’m gonna write thoughts about books and stick them on said books.
  • i started drawing the imaginable but impossible: a labyrinthine library, proposed by Jorge Luis Borges.
I also saw this today (reccomended by Dan McClintock, a thinking man):
Which is mostly about being your own client as a design studio, but also talks about facing your fear of taking risks, and also:
At the moment, I’m anxious. I’m setting goals that I don’t really get or don’t feel are good enough. I’m scared of not being able to deliver on this project. What I really need to do is get busy with design.

the unbearable usefulness of blogs

I’m digital. You’re digital.

I forget to write notes in my sketchbook about ‘what I’m thinking of’ and ‘reflections of major project’.

Blogging last semester was a really good way of developing critical thinking about my research and design project, and it was invaluable in keeping me on track. Unfortunately, the title of the blog should have been more conducive to ongoing study and research/design blogging. I chose the specificity of it to focus myself and not allow sidetracks. And now, that means I need a new one. Here we are!

It’s nice to be back. I will be blogging through my Major Project in Visual Communication (Design) at UTS this semester, and hope this can help me get over the first brick wall I’ve hit, which is STARTING AT ALL.

Let’s begin.